My Story Begins |xo

Dreams do not work unless you do.”….Those words play a huge role in my life. I have so many dreams and so many desires to make them come true. Though I seem to have been at a standstill for some time.

I wanted to be a teacher when I was in grade 3, as Miss White (such an awesome elementary teacher) who had taught me in grade 1, then grade 2, became my absolute fav! I didn’t have her as a teacher in grade 3 but I was grateful I had her twice in school already and even more grateful when she was my grade 4 teacher as well. There is always someone who plays a role in your life when you begin to think of your first career dream.

I remember those days when my father would take my brothers and I to see him rally race every other Saturday. A day filled with fun as I ran around with long time friends of the family. My older brother and I getting the opportunity to ride in the race car with my father. He would even take us to the Honda Indy (it wasn’t called the Honda Indy at that time) every year. That’s when I wanted to drive formula one cars.

When I attended high school I never tried as much, wasn’t a desire to do well. I did choose to continue Art Class the whole 4 years. I love how my Aunt is a freelance artist. She has always been so creative and helped me with my drawings… first few sketches. I was around the age of 18 when I came across a photo of my mother in a gown that she designed and modeled in college.

I loved how she created something on her own. She never pursued a career in Fashion, as when she moved to Canada (my family originated from Jamaica) she went back to school and became a Hair Stylist. She may have switched her choice in career’s (for her own personal reasons) but she didn’t change how creative she was, is. I remember when she entered a contest and won 3rd prize for her butterfly costume all made out of hair.

I went to school for fashion, not finishing with a certificate as it seemed I didn’t try as hard and the teachers seemed to be very hard on myself, as others. It also was an expensive school that took me until just under 29 to finish paying off……but I did find a way to finish by doing at home schooling and received a certificate in Fashion Design. Since then (I am being honest) I have had opportunities to work as an intern in New York. One of which was with ZAC POSEN!!!!

Things happen in life, that’s all I will say. I never pursued the opportunity and I work in a completely different field. How can we make our dreams work when we may go in a different direction? Well I believe that no matter what if your heart desires something so much, as long as your mind believes it as well, YOU can make things happen. Take a different approach, start slowly if need be and take your time.

I was stopped once when I was 27 years, visiting friends in Los Angeles, by a lady dressed all in black. She was there with her brother and her daughter. She said she had to stop me as he got a weird aura surrounding me. She saw I was hurt – that was true as I was out of a long relationship where I was still distraught – she also saw that there is something my mind wants, that I went to school for but wasn’t pursing. She said that she see’s a lot of success in that field in my future but believes something is holding me back.

She was right, I truly believe it.


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