Chanel Cruise |Runway 2019

Ever had a designer you are amazed by?

|My designer of choice is CHANEL, well nowadays designed and owned by Karl Lagerfeld – who I think is the best choice to continue this line. Chanel is created by Coco Chanel a lady who didn’t have much desire to create dresses but eventually built her own empire. Used the styles of a boyish look and turned it into something amazing.

REWIND to present day and welcome to the 2019 Chanel Cruise show. One day I will be able to attend one of these shows and one day (fingers crossed) I will be sitting from row. Or even modelling on the runway would work as well….after all I have the height…lol!

I love and enjoy the fact that the clothing line may be the point of the show but this one particular show had an actual ship on the runway. Now that’s cool, something out of the ordinary.

If you haven’t witnessed this show in person or even by googling the net, please see a short slide show below↓

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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