CHANEL |The Designer who changed 20th Century Fashion

|The life of the famous Coco Chanel…well prior to the name “Coco” she was an orphan named Gabrielle Chanel. After the death of her mother she spent her days living in an orphanage until she was 18. She learned how to iron, sew and embroider while she was there. The name Coco was a nickname given to her by soldiers when she performed on stage singing (yes that’s right, she has many talents).

Coco started her fashion career by designing hats, and with help she opened up her very first shop in 1913. In the 20’s she is known as the designer who introduced the “little black dress”, that’s also when she introduced her Chanel No 5 perfume.

On a side note she also influenced the boyish short hair cut, during that decade. She was the one who helped women feel comfortable as her clothing steered away from corsets, and she started the shorten look of skirts, to show ankle.

All that and many more facts are amazing things to know about Coco Chanel. This is why I have always been a huge fan from when I first did research.


She is my inspiration.



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