Online Shopping |the Do’s and the Don’ts

|Lets face it we all love to shop (HELLO!) and yes there are times when we find ourselves scrolling through online stores while just sitting there, with your phone in your hand. There is always the constant urge to just go ahead and buy that outfit that you see “wow its such a great price and no one, I mean no one will have it”……TRUTH everyone will have it, whether it’s a different brand name or not. Fashion is beautiful and there are always copy caters out there.

I will admit I have had my days where I just have bought and then after the outfit arrives, I find myself a few weeks later randomly seeing the same piece for so much cheaper in a mall. This is where I want to show my support so we all save on some dough, in order to have no regrets.

THE Do’s

  • Browse those sites you want to look through
  • Save the pieces you like in a “favorite” folder or “wish list”
  • Make sure you check the prices
  • Imagine how the outfit would come together

THE Don’ts

  • Don’t buy that piece or outfit right then and there
  • Don’t save up till you can purchase
  • If you do purchase don’t get the smallest size you think will fit – they never do!

My true advice is once you have those pieces you like saved in a “favorite” or “wish list” folder (as I stated in the Do’s) start looking in stores where you would believe a copy cat look would be sold.

An example would be when I bought shoes from a well-known website that I ended up returning because the size didn’t fit, well it cost the same to return them and in the end I never got a true refund, I lost out on money plus shoes. I later down the road found so many of the shoes I did like on that same website in store’s like Sirens, Urban Planet and even Forever 21….for so much CHEAPER!

Just DON’T give in to online shopping without putting thought into it all.



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