Purple Shampoo |On POROUS hair!

|Do you have blonde hair with strands that are more on the porous side? Well I know I sure do!! My hair was once and I say ONCE naturally curly but years of dying my hair and constantly straightening has now brought my hair to a naturally frizz puffy side. That’s mostly just the top of my hair as underneath still curls.

I have died my hair blonde for years and tend to like it blonde more than I do with it darker. Though being a blonde does mean a lot of maintenance, which most of us know is for example PURPLE SHAMPOO to rid of the brass. Every time I go to use purple shampoo I always get my porous ends catching the shampoo more and then I end up with purple ends or even greyish ends which is not what I look for. I just want a shade of blonde that isn’t brassy and I don’t want to bleach my hair again NO WAY!!!!! Luckily I came across a great Purple Shampoo that gradually fixes your hair, and works amazingly. Have you heard of the brand AG? Try out the sterling silver shampoo it’s the best for porous hair and you can trust me on that. You’re hair feels amazing after one wash, continually feeling amazing every time you use it!!

(Picture is with the AG sterling silver shampoo, after washing once every week – this would be after the 4th week so 4 washes – no filters added, just an Instagram puppy face and my sunglasses to hide my tired eyes)

If you don’t take the opportunity to try out the sterling silver shampoo – WHICH WORKS AMAZING – then another option is to make sure you dilute your purple shampoo with regular shampoo. It will be less damaging (that’s with diluting) on your porous hair but you may need to do a couple of clarifying shampoo washes after wards depending on how much catches to your porous hair.

Below is pictures of the steps I took with diluting purple shampoo with regular shampoo, the after math on my porous hair then the steps to fixing and the end result.

  •  Purple shampoo of choice – this one is a dark shade of purple, and being a great brand it doesn’t dry out your hair which is a bonus↓
  • Shampoo to dilute – as you can see it’s AG which is my brand of choice and this has keratin in it (amazing shampoo and conditioner plus treatment with their Refuel Repair line)↓
  • The aftermath – ends are PURPLE even after diluting but it’s because this brand is a dark purple for my porous ends (maybe I didn’t dilute it enough) BUT this would be perfect for anyone with better hair conditions↓
  • The clarifying shampoo I used to remove most of the purple deposit in my hair – I washed my hair twice with it, depending on your hair you may have to do it 3 times↓
  •  Deep Conditioner – I left it in for the full ten minutes but it’s best to always use after purple shampoo or toning or even using clarifying shampoo as your hair dries out and you need to bring it back to normal↓
  •  The end result – still has some ends that have not removed much of the purple shampoo though it still works and I just need to wait till my next wash for full results as it washes out over time↓

My opinion in the end GO GET AG STERLING SILVER SHAMPOO FOR POROUS HAIR then you can avoid all the steps to take with stronger purple shampoo.


Want to purchase any of these items?

AG Sterling Shampoo – shop at BSO stores across Canada OR check out Star Beauty Plus located in Mississauga, ON

AG Refuel Repair Shampoo – shop at BSO stores across Canada OR check out Star Beauty Plus located in Mississauga, ON

Schwarzkopf Purple Shampoo – shop at Professional Salons

Rusk Clarifying Shampoo – shop at Winners in the beauty section OR Sally’s Beauty Supply

Proclaim Deep Conditioner – shop at Sally’s Beauty Supply OR check out Star Beauty Plus located in Mississauga, ON

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