Tea Detox |Is it worth it?

|So I must say I sure have had my fair share of detoxing tea’s….well yes I have paid the $60 (maybe it was a bit more) plus tax plus shipping blah blah for Skinny Mint Tea – which I must say does do wonders, if you don’t mind taking the evening tea that contains laxatives. Its a great product but on myself the laxatives that state “mild” where NOT MILD. We all have different bodies so it just depends on how it rids of the toxins. It worked for me in the end doing the 28 day detox though it lasted longer than 28 days as I avoided the detoxing on the weekend.

One day a month or two later I took a chance and went inside the store Showcase – this is located across Canada, an As seen on TV store – figured I may find one of the detoxing teas in there for a cheaper price and came across a loose leaf detox tea which was the same basically called Skinny Tmix. You can purchase it there for 14 days or 28 days. I tried it but I also struggled with the loose leaves not knowing if I ever placed the right amount….in the end, I did’t notice a difference.

A year later I feel that even though I eat healthy, I still have major digestive problems and always bloated never feeling satisfied or comfortable. I went into Showcase and figured I would grab the same tea and maybe this time it would work better as it is much cheaper then ordering online. Well I came across Tiny Tea detox by “Your Tea“…..I googled it while in the store and spoke with the store associate about the brand. I saw there are no laxatives in this (which I don’t mind as I can’t rely on laxatives to…you know…go…). It said for you to drink the tea 3 times a day for 14 days. I decided to purchase and take a chance as the tea is already in bags and not loose. I have been on the Tea for 4 weeks -last week on the detox, only reason its gone longer then 14 days is because I don’t detox on the weekend so every Monday is a re-start and also after the first week I went from 3 cups to only 2 cups a day. I had too, that’s because as stated on the website for Your Tea “you can get minor breakouts”….ya that also means rashes which I got – JUST REMEMBER THOUGH, EVERY PERSON’S BODY IS DIFFERENT – this just showed me that I do have a lot of toxins inside me that are bad and it was fighting with my body and was being pushed out a different way. I even reached out to the customer service email and questioned the rash and received quick responses and help, they suggested to drink the tea once a day or stop, I had already went down to drinking twice a day. Luckily the rash was only itchy, very small and minor that it diminished in that week and I noticed I felt better and looked better.

Tiny Tea a

Conclusion: If you want to try a detoxing tea be prepared. Know that your body is likely to react differently then what you may see in reviews. I say start with a 14 day cleanse of any brand (whatever floats your boat, affordable or not) and either do 14 days straight or only drink it Monday to Friday with weekends free. Stick to a healthy diet that’s the only way it will work as I think when I did the loose leaf one I was also still eating a lot of greasy type foods. Be committed and find your way to the gym, if unable to go to gym then go for walks on your lunch break, take the stairs instead of an elevator just do something that brings activity in your routine.

Detoxing Tea’s

  1. Skinny Mint Tea – www.skinnymint.com/
  2. Skinny Tmix – https://ca.shopatshowcase.com/collections/skinny-tmix
  3. Your Tea – canada.yourtea.com/Tiny/Tea
  4. Flat Tummy Tea – www.flattummyco.com/flattummytea



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