Paris |FW Fall/Winter 2019

|As per usual I am very behind in seeing the latest pictures and updates on fashion week……even this time in Paris, and I do believe ends T O D A Y¿¡. What in the world is wrong with me? I am always far behind when all I want is to be ahead and imagine I am there on the sidelines.

Though I may be only figuring this out on the exact last day, I am very pumped just looking at all the awesome pictures already posted online. I adore the street styles as well, its amazing seeing how creative people can be! That is so inspiring!!!!

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 has been going on since September the 25th, with surprise shows. I have seen on Instagram our fellow Canadian actor Nina Dobrev (Degrassi, Vampire Diaries, XXX the return of Xander Cage) posts about being in Paris and HELLO my last post had the Eiffel tower in it…..coincidence? I think YES! This is the universe telling me to wake up and pay attention to my passion in life.

← here are some pics of Paris FW →



Interested to know more about the FASHION WEEK dates?

click link below↓

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