The Hills |Series REBOOT!

the-hills-cast-mtv-reunion|Yup that’s right, if you have not heard as of yet this is H A P P E N I N G¡¡¡¡ The show will be joined with most of the original cast minus—Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Bosworth….I believe that may be it, correct me if I am wrong please— having Stephanie Pratt as the voice for the opening credits. Everyone is a few years older now, with or with out kids and Stephanie is the only single one which would explain her voice in the opening credits. This is some exciting news, especially if you are like me and was definitely a huge fan.¦

My first trip to LA (with one of my best friends) was the best time in our lives! At the rightful age of 22, we explored the city meeting amazing people and going to all the happening places. Prior to the trip my friend decided to take a chance and message Audrina Patridge on FB a private message. Yes at that time they all had Facebook and had all their fans as friends, nowadays its Instagram for the win with that. Well guess what?¿….Audrina replied! She mentioned all the places to go and even when my friend responded politely saying thank you, she got another instant reply stating to have a blast. This we didn’t know really if it was the real Audrina or a fake but we took the advice. Our second night in LA we actually bumped into Audrina at a club called “Le Deux” 〈they filmed a lot of night scenes there〉 in the bathroom. I took a chance stopped her, introduced us explaining who my friend and I are and then thanked her again…..She knew exactly who we were and said she hoped we are having a blast and to have a safe trip. HOW AMAZING IS THAT? IT’S SO AMAZING that even when the whole fight was happening between Lauren and Heidi about the sex tape, Audrina deleted her FB account B U T created a new private one and had Lo Bosworth search for us to add as friends. We thought we would be on the show…..just some girls dreaming…..our dreams didn’t come true lol though there was a Hills scene where they filmed at a live tapping of Jimmy Kimmel and us two besties actually where there that night in the audience.

¦OK OK back to reality – this show is happening and is to air in 2019. They also declared a new member to the cast, the one and only Mischa Barton who played Marissa on The OC. I wonder how she will fit in but its exciting. I love LA and love the fashion choices of all the ladies and excited to see the show based more on Stephanie who may be the only single one but her life has changed a lot, she herself as stated on a Instagram post, is scared to see what will come being back after living in London, England. I am also excited to see more of Brody Jenner’s new wife Kaitlynn Carter Jenner, she has the most amazing style, a blog and a co founder of a clothing line which makes her fit right in 🙂

Filming has begun……↓


↓want to learn more about the reboot? click here↓

or even click here↓

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