Fall | Hair Styles

|Ok I wear hair extensions….my secret is out¡¡ I also have a big problem with styling my hair mostly because I need to behold a lot of bobby pins to hide extensions that may be exposed to the world. I do love to wear my hair out of my face and enjoy my hair long as there is more I can do with it, even when left natural. Honestly I don’t mind if a piece (fusion part of the extensions) shows but I have people who surround me everyday that point out everything imperfect like it’s a problem.

H E L L O imperfect is actually considered BEAUTIFUL❤️

Now back to reality. I came across a post for Marie Claire “20 Prettiest Fall Hairstyles 2018” and there are a few hair styles I want to try. After all, us female’s always have those bad hair days OR are just bored of our look and may need a small change. Who knows you may want to try every one or just some styles too 🙂 The link is below↓ along with two of my favorite pick’s that I would love to try.


#2 on the list – Coiled, Stacked and Pinned Buns¨ 

#14 on the list – Pierced Side Braid˜ 



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