Inbal Dror | An Inspirational Figure

|Have you heard of the gown designer INBAL DROR?¿……hope your not still thinking about it, but if you are and unsure well this post is a pure dedication to a designer who inspires me everyday, E V E R Y D A Y!!!! I am not lying like I am a huge fan (I have shared a bit about Inbal Dror in a previous post about Megan Markles wedding gown talk -prior to the actual wedding event) and I am hoping this post gets noticed as it would be a dream to work for someone who has the most creative beautiful mind I have seen in forever….that’s a FACT™.

I am unsure how I first took notice but I believe it was on Facebook when my best friend -since grade 5!- tagged me in a photo of a beautiful gown. That’s when I went to Inbal Dror’s FB page and liked it. I have also re-arranged my home page so I see all the postings first in my news feed. I am absolutely in love with how beautifully every piece is put together, with adoring fabrics. Every single design has grabbed my attention, even the photography skills…like the scenery of the photo shoot suits the look. I myself design gowns and now currently trying something new with swimwear BUT if I ever had the opportunity (like once before for Zac Posen) to work for a designer I would take it in a second. Yes we all have some dreams, one’s we hope turn into a goal which is more promising in our world.

PLEASE I beg you to get lost in some pics I have shared below↓

….hopefully these pictures grabbed your attention and if so, please check out the 2 links shared for Inbal Dror’s website and Facebook page↓↓ You will see when/where the trunk shows are happening as well as where to place orders, if need be 🙂



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