London | FW Christopher Kane

|I was just scrolling through Instagram and came across a dress by Christopher Kane. Have you heard of this designer? This will be my first time hearing of the Scottish designer, who happens to be based in London.

I can tell you after googling and seeing more images of his designs, I already know the market he sells too. These beautifully creative designs are geared towards anyone who may have a more Gothic yet feminine style. I would say between the ages of 18-25 years old…..this is just a guess BUT wow some of these looks are intensely intriguing because they are different. Prices are super high, so an obvious is you have to HAVE money to shop these looks, or find something similar that is in your desired budget 🙂

The dress I happened to scroll across is just above↑ and below↓ is a version that would be more affordable for anyone interested in this style – well that’s just the top of the dress, as you can get away with any lace top and find a maxi skirt in a shade of light pink or beige. I am a huge fan of lace and also black which is why this caught my eye, and then took a quick look on the H&M website to see what is similar. The two below are priced between $19.99 CAD- $29.99 CAD.


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