Talent | Photographer | A Dedication Series Part 1

|It donned on me, that I sure do know a lot of talent out there and I would like to start up a series to have a post dedicated to each one…..so here is P A R T 1⇓

Back in 2011 or 2012 I was fortunate enough to meet a great friend in Miami on a trip. I knew he was a photographer, but I didn’t take a look at his work until returning home. I immediately became intrigued as I came across a few black & white photo’s that grabbed my attention. I have a huge fondness for black & white photo’s as they portray history behind them by showing more for the viewers eye to guess – Although today black & white photography, recent one’s, aren’t considered historical but more on the sophisticated maybe classy side – Its just a whole lot of inspiration to me, and two of his photo’s became cover photo’s on my personal Facebook page. He grabs beauty out of buildings and cities, and does amazing work for magazines, etc. We even had a moment where we discussed doing a photo shoot together, I the model and (duhhhh) him the photographer. This though didn’t follow through as the last time I visited in 2013 I was coming from a trip in New York and was more on the drained side.

Please take a look at my two favorite pictures, as well as check out the links below to view more work done by the talented friend of mine known as Hugo Lopez.


Dedicated to: Hugo Lopez Photography

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