Relaxation | My Exercise Way

|So I wanted to talk about how I focus on ME TIME which consists of doing things that bring me to a good state of mind. For example exercise is my ME TIME of choice. As hard as it may be at times to even go to the gym on a regular I actually have incorporated things to do during the week to keep my body active for my ME TIME.

Instead of taking an hour break Monday to Friday – while at work – to go and run errands or shop (don’t get me wrong there are days I need to do that) I take a 30-40 minute walk around the area. I will either go with a colleague or on my own. When on my own I will take 4-8 mins of a break to practice meditation. I also have made a habit for when I get home to take the stairs instead of the elevator. On the weekends I focus to have my Saturday’s as an aerobic plus yoga (I am a yoga beginner; learning it on my own) exercise routine for a total of 20-30 minutes while Sundays I will go to the gym and use either the treadmill or elliptical or bike and add in some weight training for a total of 40 minutes.

In the end I have proven there is time. We all have time and we just have to make it possible and know what will make Y O U feel at your best!!!!

My Saturday morning routine @ HOME

#1 →Music of choice – well I’m a huge fan of oldie rock and alternative music so I always play Spotify on shuffle mostly choosing 90’S ROCK, as this music brings more energy to my routine! Though do remember its what suits your interest the most to know what will motivate YOU!¡

#2 →Aerobic Exercise – this consists of doing squats, lunges, abs etc. for 10-20 minutes. I call it aerobic only because I am not using weights and going at a pace to my music of choice. I created a calendar as you see in this picture→(if on your phone its↑) that shows what I made as a goal for a monthly basis. You will also see a quote that is there for motivation!

#3 →Yoga – I found a little pocket book that I can take with me during the week if needed but it’s great and I mean GREAT as it gives tips on breathing techniques and how long to hold a pose etc. I will do some poses for 10-20 minutes.

#4 →Fitbit App – yup I have a Fitbit and I absolutely love it. I always make sure to place in my routine in the app, as it basically only tracks walking movement. I place a goal for the week always changing it from 4 days of workout to 6 days. Sometimes I reach the goal and sometimes I am a day short which is fine by me. Today for my Saturday work out I did 20 minutes and I feel that’s enough as I know that’s all I needed and also I’m hungry….lol!!

****As stated above there is always time, YOU just have to find a way, so your excuses will dissolve. Your body and soul will be at better peace everyday. You can trust me on that 👌✌️**** ↓This adorable fluff ball is my cuddle time reward!! 💙




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