“East Village” | Australian Street Style

|I placed an order from a store in Australia called “East Village” which a friend of mine owns. We met in New York years back when she was there working as a Nanny. I for one love and I mean love her accent but we hit it off immediately, our personalities clicked. We began to friend each other on FB and also on Instagram. When I saw her posts being back in Australia with her family, that’s when I realized her mom owns a boutique. A few actually…..and after all these years after browsing their Instagram pages, personally like East Village in Byron Bay and always wanting what they have in store I FINALLY ORDERED SOMETHING!!¡¡ The styles sold are meant to portray Byron Bohemian × New York edge.

….I am in love with what I bought, and in love with the amazing service as well as how fast I received the items. You have to check out the INSTAGRAM page I pasted below! Everything in store is $50 or under, nothing is over which is amazing and the fact that they do S H I P just adds some more amazing to it all. I was kindly provided the different options of shipping/prices to choose from prior to crediting my card. Overall it was a great experience with an awesome sales associate.

↓What I bought↓♥ and their Instagram story update♥

And….now wearing my new top and purse paired with a classic pair of high waisted denim (I would normally choose black denim but with the shoes I picked – which are not seen; but are a pair of velvet navy blue heeled booties) ready to go out and show off my new fab finds↓↓ 🙂

**A little reminder YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT everything they have in store!! It’s always amazing having something that no one will have where you live 🙂

FB page→ https://m.facebook.com/pg/eastvillagebyronbay/

Instagram name→ @eastvillage_byronbay



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