Chocolate Cravings | Healthier Alternatives

|I used to be a bad chocoholic like BAD!!!!!! I say bad only because I was at the point where I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus in between. Though I have always preferred chocolate if it was with P E A N U T  B U T T E R ♥

I even remember the amount of times I tried to give it up and the actual time I did. Giving it up is intense, I lost my taste buds on day #3 and I had the worst headache for a whole entire week. I was great, I lasted a whole 3 months and never caved. When I had a bite of a chocolate bar 3 months later it honestly tasted horrible….lol 😛 In the end it worked, I gave it up and then slowly started eating dark chocolate only but not everyday just occasionally/rarely. To this day I have the cravings – let’s face it as a female you have a sweet tooth craving during a certain time of the month – and I try to avoid it but find other options ie. pure dark chocolate (just one square to three at most) or just one peanut butter cookie. Anything that helps for a bit is all I need and if you’re struggling finding other options yourself, check out this link for healthy ideas to help cravings→

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I liked a lot of the options to choose from, as most are still very healthy. Though #13 on the list the Nutella Yogurt Dip with Fruit looks pretty satisfying↓↓.

13. Nutella Yogurt Dip with Fruit

This is a healthier take on chocolate fondue. Instead of pure chocolate, mix Nutella with Greek yogurt and use as a dip with some fresh fruit or low-sugar cookies or crackers.

Happy Cravings¡¡


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