Mustard | The New “It Color”

|Anyone else notice the color trend that snuck↔ it’s way in a few months back? I barely even noticed until this past weekend I went inside a local H&M and decided on a Knit Turtleneck sweater in the exact color trend that has been circling. When I left the store I thought as I looked at all the other store windows “wow this color must be popular..I didn’t think anyone would have this color..BUT IT’S EVERYWHERE in all the store windows on display!” Funny thing is a month ago I bought a simple basic T-shirt in the same color from H&M and I wear it all the time, I also bought a bodysuit from Zara’s in the same color during mid-summer. All this time I was right here at the beginning of the trend and had no idea….

←To the left is my recent purchase. I am a big fan of the bulky sweaters of the season. I personally can NOT wait to wear it!¡ Though just to let you know for this trend; the color mustard doesn’t only come in an orange shade as seen, but you can also find some fabrics that range from mustard-yellow to even a mustard-tan shade.

These pictures are just a couple of styles I have come across that show how fashionable MUSTARD can be↓↓

This is the “it color” of the season, and I enjoy the way it looks with a pair of blue denim jeans, plus a chic pair of heels. I say we EMBRACE it with style and smiles…. 🙂



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