Fall Style | Jackets & Coats

|It’s the season to embark on making your look even more edgier than it is, that’s a for sure thing. As a female the first instinct to finish your look is accessories which are always what we would add as a pop to one’s outfit, whether it be jewelry OR an eye-catching bag OR even chic boots/heels…BUT…a JACKET is also a wonderful finish to an outfit!!!!!

You not only feel warm and cozy but you look amazing, and feel amazing 🙂 That is when you know your outfit is complete.

↓Light Jackets for warmer days↓

↓Heavier Jackets for colder days↓

I believe I want a new coat…..I am not in need of one but seriously the brownish-maroon color as a coat, paired with grey denim and chic grey pumps grabs my attention. This look is what I want to pull off right now! I can’t get enough of how fashionable it is. JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURE ON IT’S OWN ONCE MORE – sorry I am just excited↓↓↓↓



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