Blue Shampoo | ….or Purple Shampoo?

|We blondes are all aware of Purple Shampoo and yes that’s the shampoo we use to freshen our hair colour to erase all the brassy hues. Though there is also Blue Shampoo……which I have never used until recently.

I must admit I actually tried Blue CONDITIONER not Shampoo. I chose conditioner only because it has more of a gentle affect. This I decided to try because of the curiosity but also because of the fact that I even switched my toner to WellaT14 a few bleaches ago as I noticed my hair has more orange hues in it (for anyone unaware WellaT14 is a blue/violet base colour). I never seem to get my roots on the yellow side when bleaching, which I leave in for a full 30 mins. I could just leave bleach in longer and see, but I just can’t take those chances on my hair¡¡!!

My Purple Shampoo of choice is always and will always be AG Stirling Silver – which I have mentioned on my blog a post in August “Purple Shampoo on Porous Hair“. Its fantastic and smells amazing!! but….Anyways I recently tried a different Purple Shampoo on purpose so I can take a before picture, then I washed it out with clarifying shampoo to try the Joico Blue Conditioner I had purchased – seen below↓ The purple shampoo I tried was Blonde Brilliance Lathering Toner, also seen below.



The Blonde Brilliance actually turned some of my extensions grey, so it picked up the purple hue more but I thought it looked pretty cool. If I continued to use it the only problem would be that it wouldn’t make a difference to the orange hues I have in my hair around my roots and underneath.

After a few washes with the toner, and using clarifying shampoo to remove, I went on to try the Blue Conditioner. My orange hues had finally diminished and my picked up more on a brighter shade….I like the end results 🙂 and you can see that it’s a slight difference. They do say that Blue Shampoo/Conditioner is morally suited for brunettes, but in the end it can still be used on a blonde especially if you where originally a brunette who has more orange/red tones that underline your natural hair colour.

↓Below is a reverse showing the Blue Conditioner affect then the Purple affect↓

So…….now the ball is in your court. Your turn to decide if you want to take a leap and try the Blue Shampoo or even Conditioner. It honestly doesn’t hurt to try, as it is only required to leave it in your hair for a minimum to 3 minute’s. My picture’s above where both taken after 2 washes of both shades of conditioners. I at least now know that I can still use either or with out any issues! 🙂



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