Travel Blues |Got the bug? I do!

|WE all go through times where a desire to travel comes along…..well for most the desire comes along almost every day especially living in a country where right now you may be dealing with a winter storm.

The last time I took a trip was back in 2014 and it was to Las Vegas. It sure wasn’t anything new for me as I have been 5 times already in the span of 3 years and this was my 6th time. I think I realized after that trip there that I wasn’t in to that sort of travelling anymore. Since then I HAVE NOT GONE ON ANY TRIPS! Yes that’s right ZERO trips. It’s not because I couldn’t its just that I decided I wanted to go somewhere different I have not been. Though every where I want to go I just can not afford it.

So now I sit here in the new year of 2019 and I am 35 years old, in an amazing 3 year relationship…going to be 36 in less than 3 months and still no trip. I sure do have the blues big time. I have asked my other half and luckily he is in the same boat as me wanting to go somewhere he has never been that is not somewhere everyone has been.

Where do we go? I don’t know…..but any advice would be amazing especially if you could leave a comment below↓↓↓↓





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