Grey Locks |Still a TREND in 2019?

|Grey locks sure still come off as a trend in this new year of 2019. I find that more of the platinum has been the shade that stands out as the most popular then comes the ombre of different pastel or vibrant shades.

I myself have had a hard time ever achieving platinum blonde though it’s a desire. My roots never pick up the toner as most of the rest of my hair. I get it I don’t leave bleach in for longer then 30 mins on my roots but sorry I just can’t. My hair always picks up more of an orange shade in the process of bleaching my hair and then it takes a few different toning sessions to get it to match the rest of my hair. Sometimes and I stress SOMETIMES my hair just needs one toning session.

This weekend when I went to Sallys Beauty Supply, I was tempted to pick up Blonde Brilliance toning kit rather than my usual WellaT14 OR WellaT18. I asked the kind and very bubbly sales associate for advice. She mentioned to not get the kit but to pick up the Blonde Brilliance Platinum toner and just mix that with the Blond Brilliance 5 volume developer I already mentioned I have. I was told it was not as harsh and is a mild toner, so I can leave it in as long as I like but the 20 full mins will not leave a purple residue.

Sooooooooo yes I tried it and yes the last 5 mins -force of habit- I spread the rest of the toner through the my hair…..hmmmmm when I washed that out I wasn’t sure what to think. My hair turned grey…not a dark grey more of a soft warm grey, not any drastic change more like a subtle change. I won’t lie, I liked it and always wanted to secretly try grey……..Later on my boyfriend and I went out to celebrate our 3 years, and prior I said “f$%^ it I don’t know if I will keep this but I will style my hair and embrace it”. I did just that and I liked it even more, he liked it too.

Today I sit here with wet hair, as I ended up deciding to use an anti-dandruff shampoo and washed it out a bit. It’s no longer the subtle grey but it has a slight hint that maybe I only notice – anyways I am wondering why in the world did I not just keep it for a while longer and embrace it more?¿¡ Well personally I don’t have that much courage with my hair, I think I only did when we went out as it was night-time. I wish I had more courage and I am thinking my next purchase↓↓ will be to take on that courage and embrace it more as even now googling pics of grey hair makes me wish I didn’t change my mind.



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