Statement Pieces |My Choice in Fashion

|Statement pieces always portray a huge part in the fashion industry. It’s a way to stand out over all the rest…..but for myself it’s not much of a stand out as I do not crave the attention. I just want to be seen as some one who does pick the right pieces.

Pieces for me do only come in specific colours and black is my shade of choice. I feel at my best in black especially when it is something that I have comfort in wearing.

This is one of my picks currently online for the price of $40 at Bodacious Bliss Boutique. The “Ruched Sleeve” made of mesh with just the right amount of stretch.

Slap this top on with my denim high waisted jeans, plus black booties and a faux fur black purse then I am ready. Ya that’s right I’m ready with a basic look where my top is the statement piece for the night.

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them” –


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