Compliments |Start Brightening The Day

|It always dawns on me how cruel people can be. I tend to forget because I always have a positive mind set but there is always that moment when I realize there are people who do not know how to compliment or even make you feel good.

I got my eyebrows micro bladed a year and a half ago. I loved them, but obviously self conscious with the first week of them being done. They got dark and looked big. It was just basically a different look that I was not used to. The thing is when you get your eyebrows micro bladed there are stages that they go through until they are fully healed. The first 4 days your eyebrows get darker, then beginning around the 5th to 7th day they start peeling, after that they loose the hair like strokes and look light for up to the 14th day. Though after that day the color and hair like strokes begin to come back. They say your true color will show on the 28th day. In reality it just depends on your healing process. Then in 6 months you go for a touch up, which I did and that time around I loved them from the start even the first 4 days.

Yup that up there ↑↑ is all correct coming from me…..and even if you google!!!!

Well my point around this all is, I went this past Saturday to a new artist near me. She did a great job and I asked for a darker shade as in the 9 months from my touch up session mine had faded a lot. So in the end it makes sense to go darker. That being said my eyebrows stick out a lot and I mean a lot, they are pretty dark¡¡

My wonderful boyfriend says they look perfect, and I look amazing. That is him knowing how to compliment me and make me feel great B U T my wonderful colleagues only know how to look at you and say “ did your eyebrows?…….ya um you look pale” while another one looks at you trying to hide her laughter. Like wow seriously?!!!! That is something that will only make someone feel even more insecure in this world. Anyways that made me realize all these months I have been working there not one person has ever said anything nice to me or about me, except the “I like your shoes”. Ya I happen to buy cute shoes but what about the days I die my hair? or the days I take out my extensions and come in with short hair? or just telling me one day I look pretty? or telling me you are grateful for the work I do? or the day I come in with no makeup? or when I walk in the office in the morning, and maybe everyone could acknowledge and say “good morning”?………..

I believe and always have had faith in better days. I for one am about giving kind compliments, as I know it will brighten someones day.  Read the quote below, that’s what I try to pass on to others always.

“Be the reason that someone smiles today”



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